The installation process is when design becomes reality.  It takes careful planning, on a long term and daily basis.  Synchronizing stages of the project, materials, permitting and work crews is the key to a successful project and minimizing impact to our clients.


The following is a guideline of the process we follow.  Every project and site is unique and different and we react accordingly to your individual characteristics.



     Permits: Acquisition and posting of necessary permits

     Site Controls:  Installation of required erosion control and site control measures, i.e. silt fence, tree barriers, scrubber strips etc.

     Utility Location:  Most states have a one call service, that will locate all incoming services such as electric, gas phone, cable, water etc.  We rely on the knowledge of the client to aid with the location of any electric lines installed on the property, septic systems, dog fences etc.

     Portable toilet:  for the convenience of the labor force and also the client.

     Layout of the project with spray paint or other means if requested.



     Excavation: most projects start with some sort of earth moving.  This can be the most eye opening part of the process.  Soil is either used or stored on site or hauled out.

     Removals and transplants:  Existing plants are addressed for removal or professional transplanting.

     Execution of Landscape elements:  This would be the most time consuming process:  Whether it be masonry, pools, carpentry, electric, plantings, water features, we carefully sequence each one in the proper order.  We set weekly or daily goals and keep the project on track.  Deliveries are sequenced so that the materials are available when needed and not dominating the space we have to work with.  Periodic meetings are scheduled with the contractors and clients in order to review work done, future work, schedule questions and problems.  We give the client a reasonable expectation for the completion of the project and keep them informed of any changes in schedule.

     Changes:  Very often, changes will occur, whether it may be an foreseen element or a client request.  We strive to seamlessly handle any changes in stride.


Completion of Project

     Upon completion of the project, we work hard to make sure all elements have been done to your expectations.  We will do a final walk through to answer any questions that you may have.  At this time we are shifting ownership of the landscape from us to the client.  With any transition, we recognize that it takes time and we make sure we stay available for any issues or questions following the completion of the project.  We will provide orientation for any elements, such as irrigation controllers, low voltage lighting usage, pool and water feature equipment, operation of grills or fire pits etc.

     Plant maintenance is very important and covered in great detail.  We also offer in house maintenance services to help you keep your landscape healthy and on track. 

     The site is cleaned, reseeded or sodded and returned to you in top condition.  It is important to us that you are able to enjoy your new landscape as soon as possible!